WPP & Optimizely Team Up

Commitment to delivering optimized digital experiences

Creative transformation company WPP and DXP provider Optimizely have embarked on a global strategic partnership to deliver improved digital experiences to brands and customers. WPP clients can access Optimizely’s full suite of DXP tools and get a smooth integration with Optimizely Web Experimentation and Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

“Powerful creativity and effective media strategy can be wasted if brands do not also prioritize conversion. Optimizely’s platform provides data that allows brands to maximize the chance of driving customers through the ideal journey across channels, and we’re excited to develop a joint offering to take to our shared clients,” said Stephan Pretorius, CTO at WPP.

Elsewhere, Vercel has introduced Next.js Commerce 2.0, Bloomreach and BigCommerce have been recognized by TrustRadius, and the conversation about potential complexities in MACH technology on LinkedIn continues.

Featured Stories

  • Introducing Next.js Commerce 2.0: “By leveraging Next.js 13’s latest features and Vercel’s Frontend Cloud, Next.js Commerce 2.0 is able to achieve incredible performance, demonstrating dynamic at the speed of static.”

  • Spryker Attracts Top Fortune One Executive to Board: “Anthony’s deep interest in AI, digital commerce expertise, entrepreneurial background as well as his experience in retail, B2B, and marketplaces make him an ideal guide and support for the Spryker executive team to be able to deliver on that goal.”

  • Contentful Is Named to the 2023 Forbes Cloud 100: “It is an honor to be recognized as one of the Cloud 100 companies for a third year in a row, further validating our goal of empowering teams to more easily collaborate, craft, and deliver digital experiences at scale.”

  • The Benefits of Native AI in Content Management: “Artificial intelligence is a valuable tool that significantly more companies have started to incorporate into their content practices in this past year alone. But companies should remember that not all generative AI solutions are created equal.”

Composable software RFPs from DXP360

  • [New][RFP Value: $440,000] Intranet & Staff App Development: A European health organization is seeking an intranet solution.

  • [New][RFP Value: $1,770,000] UK Library Seeks IT Consulting, Web Development, DevOps: The library is seeking “a single organization who will provide development, testing, application support, architecture and business analysis services.”

  • [New] [RFP Value: $63,400] UK College Website Redevelopment: A UK higher education college is seeking ”a Web Development Agency to lead the project of redeveloping our [website'].”

Stories that caught our eye

  1. Generative AI Within the MACH Ecosystem: So, generative AI walked into a MACH bar...

  2. Bloomreach Earns Tech Cares Award From TrustRadius: Recognizing its corporate social responsibility impact.

  3. BigCommerce Wins 2023 Top Rated Ecommerce Platform: Another award for the commerce vendor.

  4. Turn DX Into a Growth Engine: See how AI can stop customers from abandoning your website.

  5. Caisy Launches New Blog: A collection of articles about headless CMS, use cases, tutorials, comparisons and more.

  6. Jamstack Abandonment?: Developers think so but Netlify says otherwise.

The word on the street…

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