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DXP360 Intelligence Report [Headless CMS Q1 2023]

Enterprise-led trends toward MACH and composable architecture continue to fuel the growth of headless CMS space.

The pain points associated with monolithic architectures can be soothed by flexible, interoperable API-first digital experience platforms (DXPs). Thus, we're seeing a slow but steady migration from legacy to best-of-breed. 

Headless content management systems make up the foundations of those flexible architectures, which is why our DXP360 Intelligence Reports begin here.

What to Expect

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  • 53 Headless CMS Vendors

  • 78+ Data Points

  • Zero Bias, with Transparent Inclusion Criteria

  • Analysis of the Headless CMS Market

  • Insights into All 53 Headless CMS

The most comprehensive, data-driven shortlist of headless CMS' to date.

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