Proven ROI on MACH Investment

Growing leadership support and sustained adoption

The results from the Fourth Annual MACH Alliance global survey of IT decision makers have been released, and the results appear promising for the technology’s adoption. The survey was completed by 551 IT decision makers of director level and above and aims to examine trends in MACH adoption and the internal and external factors influencing it.

Some of the most intriguing findings include:

  • 91% of IT decision makers say MACH and composable technology will be instrumental to the success of their organization in the next five years

  • 85% see clear evidence they are achieving ROI on MACH investment

“Sustained adoption is remarkable in an economic climate that at large has put substantial IT projects on hold. The outcomes of this year’s survey confirm a steady pivot towards scalable, composable systems that cater to evolving end-user requirements, and those companies are seeing tangible payoffs from their investments in MACH,” said President of the MACH Alliance Casper Rasmussen.

Elsewhere, SAP has launched a new composable payment solution; Nacelle has added a new personalization solution and an interesting discussion on LinkedIn about the need for “rendering as a service” has been sparked.

New RFPs From DXP360

  • [New] [RFP Value: $380,000] Business Support Services for Staffordshire County Council: SCC seeks two suppliers per lot for start-up support, funded by the Government's Community Renewal Fund. Lot 1 covers Marketing, Website, and Branding; Lot 2 focuses on Social Media and Digital Marketing. Suppliers will collaborate with businesses for development, as detailed in the specifications.

  • [New][RFP Value: $318,000] Website and Hosting Services for Public Contracts Scotland: PCS is launching a two-stage tender process for website, hosting, and maintenance services. Initially, the top 8 ranked companies will be invited to bid, followed by a competitive tender stage. Interested parties should visit the PCS website for more information and submission guidelines. Electronic responses are accepted, with a recommendation to submit well before the deadline to prevent any issues.

  • [New] [RFP Value: $120,000] E-commerce Site Tester: The Growth Company seeks a part-time tester for their e-commerce site, focusing on functionality, design accuracy, and accessibility. Requires manual testing skills, design attention, and proficiency in Figma. Open to India-based candidates only. Include "Ecome22" in the cover letter. Compensation to be negotiated.

  • [New] [RFP Value: $76,000] Full Service Marketing Service for The Growth Company: The Growth Company (GC) is seeking a single service provider to deliver a comprehensive Full Service Marketing Service. The service will cover a wide range of specialist marketing and communications activities to support the primary client, GM Business Growth Hub, and collaborate with other agencies, suppliers, and third-party partners. Interested agencies should demonstrate expertise in various marketing disciplines to cater to GC's diverse service range and target audiences.

  • [New] [RFP Value: $70,000] CRM SaaS Development: Seeking a software development firm with SaaS expertise to create a CRM system to enhance sales processes. Required skills include web development, database design, API integration, and third-party service collaboration.

  • [New] [RFP Value: $50,000] Strategic Support for North Northamptonshire's Net Zero Journey: North Northamptonshire Council seeks a supplier for strategic support under the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. The project includes developing a Net Zero Prospectus, web resources, and a business network program, running until February 2025. Details are in the Request For Quotation document.

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  5. [Event]: Elevate Global Commerce Summit: [April 16-18]: An event focused on composable commerce in Miami Beach.

The word on the street…

  1. [LinkedIn]: CMSs need to start providing rendering as a service: Optimizely’s Global Director of Content Management Deane Barker makes the argument.

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