Bloomreach Launches Three New Features to Power Search Experiences

Bringing a new level of personalization to Bloomreach Discovery

Bloomreach, the digital experience platform for eCommerce experiences, has announced three new features for its Bloomreach Discovery product. The newly launched features, including algorithm weight customization, LLM-based precision, and visual search, will enhance search capabilities for enterprises. 

“With Discovery’s three newest features, merchandisers and e-commerce developers are able to take their brand’s search capabilities to the next level. Bloomreach understands how important providing a connected, relevant, and enjoyable search experience is to our customers and we’re excited to offer ecommerce teams more control over the site experience their customers prefer,” said General Manager and Head of Product for Bloomreach Discovery Jordan Roper. 

Bloomreach also added new security enhancements to its Bloomreach Engagement marketing automation solution. Elsewhere, Contentful achieves AWS advertising and marketing competency, and has released a new API orchestration analysis feature.

New RFPs From DXP360

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  • [RFP Value: $315,000] UK Tourism Board Seeking CMS Agency: The UK Tourism Board is inviting web development agencies specializing in CMS for the development and implementation of a tourism-focused portal.

  • [RFP Value: $22,000] Norway Kindergarten Seeks Web App Developer: Norwegian educational authorities are inviting proposals from web development agencies experienced in creating interactive and user-friendly web applications for kindergartens.

  • [RFP Value: $15,000] UAE Real Estate Portal Seeking CMS Expertise: The UAE is seeking web development agencies specializing in CMS for the development and execution of a real estate-focused online portal.

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