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DXP Report, One Year On: What’s New & What’s Next?

One year after launching DXP Report, we’re making some changes.

One year after launching DXP Report, we’re making some changes.

To date, we’ve attracted hundreds of subscribers from the largest players in the DXP space, simply by sharing the latest headlines and talking points on a weekly basis.

Our next mission is to become the industry’s leading conversation hub.

Why Did We Launch DXP Report??

Since 2016, Wordify, the agency behind DXP Report, has partnered with DXP and headless CMS to produce genuinely valuable content. Our team has always been well acquainted with the industry, but we wanted more. More news, more insights, and definitely more real conversations.

We looked, but couldn’t find those conversations happening on a regular basis. Keeping tabs on what was really going on in the DXP space was too difficult. So we decided to do something about it.

Ah, the good old days.

Every Monday, we’d send our subscribers a breakdown of everything happening in the industry. Funding rounds, acquisitions, product launches, and even relevant Reddit threads.

Now, after delivering 54 editions of DXP Report to hundreds of inboxes, we’re leveling up.

What’s New?

We’ve migrated to Ghost, a powerful CMS that enables us to send you our weekly email newsletter and publish exclusive content here on

You can expect to read regular musings from our Founder Kaya Ismail, the broader Wordify team, as well as thought leaders from across the DXP industry.

In fact, you can get reading right now. Check out The DXP Industry is a Maze of Glass-walled Echo Chambers.

What’s Next?

We don’t plan on becoming the industry’s conversation hub with written content alone.

We’re already gearing up to bring you regular video-enabled podcasts with vendors, agencies, brands, and experts. It’s going to be casual, unscripted, and nothing like the type of content we see floating around the industry today.

It’s time to tear down the glass walls of those echo chambers.

Want to be a guest on our podcast, or learn more about working with us? Let’s talk.