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Press Release: Agility CMS and Netlify Connect to Empower Enterprises with a Unified Content Integration Solution

Press Release: Agility CMS and Netlify Connect with a Unified Content Integration Solution

TORONTO, FEBRUARY 14, 2024 - Agility CMS and Netlify, two prominent MACH Alliance members, are excited to announce an enhanced integration between the robust headless CMS and Netlify Connect, the data unification layer.

This collaboration sets out to redefine how enterprises manage their content and modernize their web architecture, bridging the gap between legacy content and modern Content Management Systems (CMS). Notably, this integration represents the first Partner Developed Connector with Netlify.

Agility CMS and Netlify Connect share a unified vision, empowering enterprises on their journey to manage and migrate from monolithic systems to composable, cloud-native solutions in a systematic, phased approach without forcing enterprises into an overnight adoption of a completely new ecosystem.

"Bringing Agility CMS and Netlify Connect together is a game-changer for enterprises looking to embrace the future of content management and modern web architecture," said Joel Varty, CTO at Agility CMS. "This approach not only streamlines content integration but also ensures that organizations can easily adapt and evolve their digital strategies with a phased approach that leads to fast ROI."

According to Sterling Davis, Sr Product Marketing Manager, "This collaboration with Agility CMS is a testament to our commitment to offering enterprises an agile, developer-friendly solution for content integration. The Netlify Composable Web Platform provides organizations with the tools to streamline their digital ecosystems, supporting a modernized approach to content management and web architecture."

The general availability of the Agility CMS Connector with the Netlify platform marks a significant step forward in the MACH revolution, promising enterprises a more agile and future-proof approach to content management and web architecture.

About Agility CMS: Agility CMS, a cloud-based, API-first headless CMS, empowers you with built-in layout management that takes the guesswork out of content placement. Agility CMS gives you a clear visual blueprint, streamlining the process and ensuring your content always lands in the perfect spot. Learn more:

About Netlify Connect: Netlify Connect is a cutting-edge content integration solution that enables organizations to unify data from multiple sources into a single, accessible data unification layer via a GraphQL API. By offering a scalable, no-code approach to content integration, Netlify Connect facilitates the modernization of web architecture for enterprises of all sizes. Learn more at: