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What Algolia’s Acquisition of Means

What does the future of search look like? Algolia’s latest acquisition gives us a clue.

What does the future of search look like? Algolia’s latest acquisition gives us a clue.

“[This] acquisition creates the world’s first and only hybrid search engine combining Keyword and Vector Search in a single API, enabling retailers to capture additional 70% long tail business at 90% less cost.”

In other news, Hygraph went live on Product Hunt and Brightspot appointed a new CPO.

A way to revolutionize search and discovery.


Hygraph Launches on Product Hunt "Build highly composable digital experiences the way you envisioned them - with all your backends, frontends, and services, working together in harmony." Composable: The Marketer’s Perspective and Roadmap "In order to accelerate adoption of a composable architecture, we need to include marketing teams as equal partners in this initiative." Sanity Introduces GROQ "It lets you query any collection of JSON documents and filter them down to exactly what you need by their properties and value." Fast Simon Launches First No-Code Search & Discovery Solution For Shopify Hydrogen "Fast Simon doubles down on Hydrogen’s priority of supercharging developer productivity and conversion rate, enabling merchants to focus on creating unique and delightful customer experiences."

The news is out—, originally a division of Kentico, has established itself as a separate company. This allows Kentico Xperience to return to its roots and refresh its name to Kentico. Learn more about the recent changes in our company and what it means for you as we take this exciting step forward of increased investment in the development of our cloud-native, flexible digital experience platform.


Fireside with DXP Report: Vojtech Boril of

Fireside with DXP Report #11 | Vojtech Boril, from

Things that caught our eye

  1. **Bloomreach Appoints Anirban Bardalaye as Chief Product Officer: **Bardalaye brings a wealth of experience as previous Vice President of Product Management, Commerce Cloud, at Salesforce.
  2. ******ASICS Taps Contentstack Tech for CMS Migration Project: ******The well-known sportswear brand was ready to embrace MACH principles.
  3. How To Do JavaScript Redirects For SEO: SearchEngine Journal tells us how to do it with fewer risks.
  4. New Research Reveals a Fifth of Retail and eCommerce Websites Are Pivoting to the Metaverse: Is it time for headless content delivery to enter the metaverse?
  5. 6DX, the Most Comprehensive In-Store Technology Launched in the Middle East: Intellect Commerce is transforming retail in the Middle East.

The word on the street...

  1. ******[LinkedIn] Can a headless CMS be a page builder?: ******Andrew Pizula argues that they aren’t.
  2. [Reddit] Headless CMS or custom backend?: Redditors weigh in on when to use each approach.
  3. [Reddit] Headless CMS for Next.js: Help this Redditor choose the best fit for his blog.

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