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Vendure & ALPIN11 Team Up

Born as an open-source, one-man-band (read: Michael Bromley) project, Vendure—a headless commerce platform—has entered into a new chapter.

Born as an open-source, one-man-band (read: Michael Bromley) project, Vendure—a headless commerce platform—has entered into a new chapter.

“Vendure GmbH is [now] a joint venture of Michael Bromley, the founder and developer of Vendure, and ALPIN11 New Media GmbH from Kitzbühel. ALPIN11 is specialized in B2B commerce and works for international medium-sized companies in DACH region. However, ALPIN11 is not only a shareholder but brings its entire know-how, network and manpower into the newly founded company in Vienna,” the Vendure team wrote.

In other news, Contentrain announced a new set of features, Optimizely's CEO spoke about the platform's future, and the Umbraco US Summit draws closer.

“My vision for Vendure is to build the most capable, stable, and extensible eCommerce platform around.”


Umbraco US Summit: Call for Speakers Now Open "CMS vendor Umbraco and co-sponsors Marcel Digital, Marathon Consulting and Definition 6 solicit experts in digital transformation to share insights on building an agile and composable digital experience platform (DXP)." Contentrain Announces Slew of New Features "New features, improvements, and bug fixes. We've made many bug fixes by listening to our community, all feedback is important for us to improve Contentrain." The Pros and Cons of a Headless CMS "Growing at a CAGR of 22.6%, the headless CMS software market is projected to reach $1,628.6 million by 2027, according to ReportLinker. The enhanced flexibility is one of the major reasons why businesses switch to this type of platform, 31.4% of which have reported time saved in content and project management based on data by Storyblok. " The Future of Headless Web Content Management "Headless platforms were a fresh take on the problem of how to supply content to multiple different environments, especially the many new customer-facing web and mobile applications. Traditional WCM platforms didn’t do that very well, if at all. They managed your content and then served up your “website.” Not good enough."

Things that caught our eye

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