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#58 | Uniform Raises $28M to Champion Composable DXPs is the latest beneficiary of the investment flowing into the DXP space, and it wants to be the foundational layer upon which digital experience platforms are built.

You choose your headless CMS, commerce engine, front-end, and hosting solution, while Uniform handles the orchestration.

In other news, Liferay 7.4 was unveiled, Optimizely acquired Welcome, and Strapi's CEO spoke exclusively to DXP Report regarding the company's bullish plugin strategy.  

"Uniform is the foundation for you to build your own composable digital experience platform. You pick your tools and let Uniform provide the connections and orchestration between them."


Exclusive: What's New and What's Next for Strapi? What does 2022 look like for Strapi? DXP Report spoke exclusively to Strapi CEO and Co-founder Pierre Burgy. Optimizely Acquires Welcome Welcome brings new capabilities in content marketing (CMP), marketing resource management (MRM), and digital asset management (DAM) to Optimizely. Cloudflare Pages Goes Full Stack Write your code, git push to your git provider (now supporting GitLab!), and let Cloudflare deploy your entire site for you. The only difference is, it won’t just be your frontend using Cloudflare, but your backend too. Liferay 7.4 to Help Brands Build Digital Experiences with More Agility "We are excited to deliver new and improved capabilities that allow technical and non-technical users to work smarter and faster to create and launch unique solutions on the Liferay platform", said Damian Rochman, VP of Product Management at Liferay.

Digital Transformation Workshop: How To Maximize ROI from Your DXP

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Join Joel Varty, President of Agility CMS, and Kaya Ismail, Founder of Wordify, and learn more about the Modern DXP approach and how it can help you save time and money in your digital transformation journey.


Upcoming Events

Dec 7 Composing a modern digital platform Digital-First Playbook: Part 3 — This final webinar of Contentful's Digital-First Playbook series dives deep into the “platform” chapter of a new and modern digital playbook. I'll attend December 7 Building a Composable Future for Digital Experiences The rise of composable architectures, Jamstack and MACH methodologies completely change the game, taking the digital experience platform (DXP) journey in an entirely different direction. I'll attend

Things that caught our eye

  1. ****LucidCMS: A new player appears! It’s minimal, headless, and built for small projects. Check them out.
  2. **DatoCMS unveils Plugins V2: **They’re “better in every possible way.”
  3. Bloomreach and Fast partner up: Their partnership aims to drive seamless, one-click checkout across a brand's digital marketing channels.
  4. ****** ******An educational portal dedicated to bringing immersive video courses about the various aspects of the Jamstack.
  5. Mobile eCommerce: It’s not the device, it’s the experience.
  6. **Considerations for the future of Jamstack web development: **It’s hard to deny Jamstack’s momentum, but take this into account before choosing Jamstack.
  7. TypeScript vs JavaScript:** ******Increasingly, TypeScript is becoming the go-to language for app development—particularly for larger apps
  8. Best practices for GraphQL security: Delve into various GraphQL vulnerabilities, best practices to mitigate risks, and address some commonly asked questions.

The word on the street...

  1. ******[LinkedIn] HTTP Archive’s State of the Web Report Summarized: ******Thomas Peham, VP of Marketing at Storyblok, shared interesting CMS-related stats and insights from the annual report.
  2. ******[BetaList] Cevoid: ******Social commerce made simple.
  3. **[YouTube] The GraphQL-first headless CMS era: **A talk with Michael Lukaszczyk, co-founder and CEO of GraphCMS.
  4. [Twitter, Funny] Reinventing APIs: If only the startup ecosystem discovered these sooner!

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