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The Rise of Headless and the Fall of WordPress

“There is now an ever-growing chasm between what enterprises need and what the traditional content management systems of old can provide.”

Andres Phillips, Head of Content at Wordify, has penned an insightful article peering into what could be the beginning of a WordPress decline due in part to the rise of headless and MACH architecture.

A must-read, particularly for those in your office who are struggling to grasp why your company’s traditional CMS isn’t entirely pulling its weight anymore.

Elsewhere, India’s ERP Next Conference is set to return, Ikius begins their headless CMS video series, and Hacker Noon compares Gatsby and Next.

"There is now an ever-growing chasm between what enterprises need and what the traditional content management systems of old can provide.”

Read Now >> From Headless CMS to Modular Content Platform “Today, the real problem in most organisations is that they are dealing with busy developers and a marketing team that are finding it too complex to design, develop and deliver experiences that look and feel great.” ERPNext Conference 2022 With a focus on Frappe and React, this Mumbai-based conference will take place over three days. Attendees can learn about how to build a headless CMS, how open source technology can help solve world hunger, and more. Frontend Performance Checklist “In the speed-obsessed world of today, better performance comes with serious business gains. This frontend performance checklist is a cumulative list of items that we at Crystallize found important when creating a Superfast web application that is Superfast.” Next vs Gatsby: Comparing Their Approach to Handling Data “Both frameworks can be used to fit a massive range of use cases covering applications big and small. In this article, we'll be taking a look at how they handle the serving of HTML data i.e. rendering.”

Fireside with DXP Report: Dominik Pinter of Kentico

Fireside with DXP Report #10 | Dominik Pinter, CEO of Kentico

GENUI Acquires Majority Stake in Magnolia

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"We are seeing a shift away from monolithic application solutions toward modular approaches. This is an exceptional strategic opportunity for Magnolia, which offers a future-proof composable digital experience platform for the enterprise," commented GENUI’s Amit Shah.


Things that caught our eye

  1. **[Video] Ikius Begins Headless CMS Overview Series: **Agility CMS and Dato CMS are the first up.
  2. [Video] What is Headless Commerce?: A short and sweet introduction.
  3. Last Week’s Biggest Retail Tech Plays: Some interesting retail news in this article.
  4. From Content Analytics to Business Metrics: Another one from Janus Boye.
  5. [Event] Strapi NL Meetup: Organized in collaboration with Smartshore Ability.

The word on the street...

  1. [Reddit] When to Go Headless?: Is it necessary for a personal website? Probably not.
  2. **[Reddit]  Customizable eCommerce Platforms: **Which platform can be modified the most?
  3. **[LinkedIn] MACH Adoption: **Check out the MACH Alliance’s 'Enterprise MACHified' report 2022.

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading.
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