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Storyblok V2 Goes Live

Storyblok’s story continues to unfold before us. In recent days, the company announced the availability of Storyblok V2.

Storyblok’s story continues to unfold before us. In recent days, the company announced the availability of Storyblok V2.

“With Storyblok’s new CMS experience, we are doubling down on our promise to establish Storyblok as the #1 CMS for the 21st century by shaping the future of digital storytelling,” the company said.

The new version brings about an updated UI, and a new visual editor that makes finding, deploying, and editing content blocks easier. Perhaps most interestingly, though, is the new “Discussions” feature, which enables content editors to collaborate and comment on content.

In other news, commercetools is seeking growth in the Middle East, Virto Commerce expands into the UK,  and Kaya Ismail sits down for a chat with Mike Vertal and Russ Danner of CrafterCMS.

“We've upgraded to an advanced UI, an improved visual editor, better direct asset management, intuitive discussion features, and a brand new in-engine image editor.”

Read More >> Announces Release of Marketplace for Customers to Integrate Their Preferred Technology Tools with the Zesty CMS "The marketplace comes equipped with key applications that customers can integrate in one click, including analytics, e-commerce, marketing, and development tools. The Zesty Marketplace also features three Zesty-built apps that any Zesty user can leverage for free. These include Zesty Layouts, Zesty Live Editor, and a Google Analytics App." commercetools Sets Eyes on the Middle East Dirk Hoerig, Co-Founder and CEO of commercetools, said: "The pandemic has reshaped the way in which consumers shop, leading to a dramatic increase in the adoption of digital platforms. As a result, improving shopping experiences is paramount for businesses across industries to keep up with the growing and ever-changing consumer demands." Acquia Partners with Workato to Power Enterprise Connectivity to Acquia CDP “The partnership enables API integrations between Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP) and hundreds of external cloud services, helping marketers achieve faster time-to-value” 5 Trends That Make Digital Smarter "Vendors including Ninetailed,, and Uniform were highlighted as being innovative in certain regards. An interesting read from Janus Boye!"

Fireside with DXP Report: Mike Vertal & Russ Danner of CrafterCMS

Fireside with DXP Report #9 Mike Vertal, Russ Danner of CrafterCMS

GENUI Acquires Majority Stake in Magnolia

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"We are seeing a shift away from monolithic application solutions toward modular approaches. This is an exceptional strategic opportunity for Magnolia, which offers a future-proof composable digital experience platform for the enterprise," commented GENUI’s Amit Shah.


Things that caught our eye

  1. **Instant Commerce August Product Update: **Product listing page enhancements, instant CSS, and new integrations await Instant Commerce customers.
  2. React-based Email Platform: Send emails built with ReastJS components.
  3. **[Webinar] Choosing the Right CDP: **The RealStoryGroup will walk you through the basics on August 10th.
  4. **[Video] An Intro to Payload CMS: **“Closing the gap between headless CMS and application frameworks.”
  5. ******Virto Commerce Expands into the UK: ******The international B2B headless commerce software vendor has set its sights on the UK.
  6. ****Meta AI: ****Meta has released a chatbot called BlenderBot 3, and it’s asking US-based humans to train it on its public website.

The word on the street...

  1. ******[Twitter] Vendure’s New Storefront Starts is FAST: ******And their Twitter community is having fun trying to guess which framework is being used.
  2. ******[Reddit] How Do You Pick a Headless CMS?: ******“I made my own. Don’t do that.
  3. **[Reddit] Explain Like I’m Five…: **A headless CMS versus a presentation layer?
  4. **[LinkedIn] Poll: Which Javascript Framework is the Best for a Headless Commerce Solution?: **React currently holds a slender lead.

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