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Sitecore Goes Full DXP Mode

Sitecore goes full DXP mode, but we aren't sure they hit the mark.

As we all pretty much figured based on Sitecore's recent acquisition spree, the legacy suite vendor is turning its back on its monolithic past, slowly but surely.

Sitecore just announced it has "fully integrated the core products from the acquisitions of Boxever, Four51, Moosend and Reflektion into its Digital Experience Platform (DXP)".

Their goal? To build the industry’s "most complete, SaaS-based DXP."

Our take? It feels like Sitecore has completely missed the point of what a composable DXP should be. Stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime, you can dive into our new podcast episode with Ronak Ganatra, VP of Marketing at GraphCMS. Elsewhere, commercetools selected Fluent Commerce as a premier partner, and WebriQ V1 is ready for a test drive.

Sitecore is embracing composability, but is their solution aligned with what the people want? We aren't so sure.


Fireside with DXP Report #2 | Ronak Ganatra, VP of Marketing at GraphCMS In this episode, Kaya chats with Ronak Ganatra, VP of Marketing at GraphCMS. Topics include the MACH Alliance, the MACH architecture trend as a whole, and GraphCMS' plans for 2022. Fluent Commerce selected as a Premier Partner of commercetools "Working together as part of commercetools’ ISV Partner Program, Fluent Commerce and commercetools will help global retailers adapt and scale more quickly using MACH." Fabric’s Headless Commerce: A Primer For Retailers With Foresight "So headless allows you, and we’re trying to use less headless and more modular and composable because, you can pick and choose what you want from Fabric, you don't have to buy the whole platform." WebriQ V1 Goes Live WebriQ Studio helps marketers makw the most of headless by enabling them to "create stellar digital experiences and place your content wherever your users are."

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Things that caught our eye

  1. **GraphCMS Components unveiled: **"An intuitive way to expand content modeling capabilities" with GraphCMS.
  2. **Webkul partners with VueStorefront: **The headless development company "will be leveraging Vue Storefront’s ultimate frontend platform technology to drive modern commerce."
  3. **[Webinar] Composable & Headless Commerce: A (Not So) Secret Path to Success: **VueStorefront, commercetools, and Krish team up for this event.
  4. **Trelliscommerce acquires Outgrow: **The headless commerce vendor seems to have acqui-hired Loan Laux, the founder of the eCommerce consulting firm.

The word on the street...

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  5. **[Reddit] Headless commerce expert? **Your insights have been requested.

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