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Sitecore DXP: What Lies Ahead for Sitecore Customers?

Christian Burne, CTO at Sitecore Partner Oshyn, has shared his thoughts on the future of Sitecore, and it’s an interesting read for Sitecore customers.

“Sitecore’s gradual transition towards a fully composable DXP is imminent and may happen within the next two years. Having a plan in place can go a long way towards preparing for a composable future. As a starting point, you want to future-proof your website and applications by leveraging best-of-breed Sitecore solutions to ensure you don’t get left behind.”

Elsewhere, Strapi lands a $31M Series B, Sanity demonstrates how it can be used with Shopify Hydrogen, and Platform.sh raises a $140M Series D.

“On the 7th of April 2022, Sitecore announced the successful integration of its latest API-first acquisitions: Moosend, Four51, Boxever, and Reflektion. This clearly demonstrates its transition towards a SaaS-based composable DXP.”


Platform.sh Secures $140M for Web App Development Tools "Managing web infrastructure is very time-consuming and we knew we had the solution to making the process more efficient and cost-effective. Seven years later, the cloud has not become simpler. On the contrary, it has grown even more complex due to the emergence of containers, microservices — not to mention the ever-present need for faster and better performance and the ability to manage more and more apps." Strapi Lands $31M for Its ‘Headless’ CMS Platform "Strapi, an open source content management system (CMS), announced that it raised $31 million in Series B funding led by CRV with participation from Flex Capital, Index Ventures and angel investors including former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman." Announcing The State of Personalization 2022 "Twilio Segment surveyed nearly 3,500 businesses and consumers worldwide to analyze their attitudes, expectations, and experiences when it comes to personalization. In doing so, it tells a compelling story about how consumer behaviors changed over the past 12 months, and how businesses reacted." Sanity & Shopify: Build Remarkable Storefronts With Hydrogen "In the demo, we wanted to show how structured content can be combined with products for an engaging and delightful shopping experience – bringing your products to life."

Fireside with DXP Report #7

Kaya Ismail and Bart Omlo sit down to discuss the past and future of Kontent by Kentico, AI, and the headless CMS landscape.

Things that caught our eye

  1. [Event] Storyblok CMS Meetup: Developer Edition: Wessel and Andreas from Storyblok partner agency take it_ host this July 6th meetup in Berlin.
  2. **Shopify Enters B2B eCommerce Market: **The eCommerce giant is set to throw its hat into the B2B ring and compete against the likes of Amazon.
  3. **Agility CMS Adds a Formstack Integration: **Another composable DXP partner integration for the headless CMS platform.
  4. Ikius Partners With GraphCMS: A technology partnership to increase GraphCMS’ presence in the Nordics.
  5. **[Video]Headless Commerce: What? Why? How?: **Michael Bromley explains all at WorkerConf 2022, Dornbirn.

The word on the street...

  1. ****[LinkedIn] GraphCMS highlights its brand new Ninetailed app: ****One of the latest GraphCMS Apps in the new marketplace.
  2. ****[LinkedIn] What’s the most important part of the headless CMS?: ****Alex Belding says it's the frontend.
  3. ****[LinkedIn] Which CMS is best for headless commerce?**: **John Surdakowski asks.

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