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Real Story Group's Bizarre DXP Definition

Real Story Group's Bizarre DXP Definition

Today we came across an article penned by Apoorv Durga, VP and Research & Advisory at Real Story Group (RSG). The article was well written, but this did not stop it from puzzling us.  

Durga argues that DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms) are "single-vendor offering[s], mostly a packaging of multiple tools." At the same time, Digital Experience Stacks (you know, in case you needed yet more buzzwords in your life) "consists of best-of-breed tools from multiple vendors."

RSG's DXP definition clashes with the popular definitions of a DXP, which is supported by major vendors and agencies in the industry (see definitions from Contentstack, Contentful, Magnolia, Bloomreach, and Dept, making up just five examples of many).

The examples above show that major players define a DXP as a set of integrated best-of-breed tools. Their definitions don't mention that these tools are all within a single, monolithic platform.

It appears that RSG is essentially redefining that "default" DXP definition.

If anything, RSG's definition of a DXP does a better job of describing a modern suite or monolithic CMS. Ironically, the concept of a DXP came about in order to disrupt those same platforms.

It appears that RSG has taken Sitecore's definition of a DXP over the default definition. Sitecore has indeed attempted to steer the definition of a DXP into a favorable position, but those acquainted with the industry know that the concept of a DXP has been around far longer than Sitecore has been using it as a round peg for its square hole.

RSG's article also fails to recognize the emergence of the "Composable DXP," which further differentiates headless CMS-driven DXPs from monoliths.

Why has RSG attempted to re-define DXPs in order to inject yet more jargon into the industry? We aren't sure. We found the article to be bizarre from that perspective.

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Elsewhere, WooCommerce and Pinterest partnered up and a new study indicates that headless CMS' have a long way to go before market domination.  

Will we ever nail down a solid definition of a DXP? Not like this, we won't


WooCommerce Partners with Pinterest “Pinterest has announced a new partnership with eCommerce platform WooCommerce, which will enable WooCommerce’s 3.6 million merchants the convert their product catalogs into Shoppable Pins on Pinterest. " Have You Recognized the Potential of the Composable Digital Experience Stack? "Composable DX is a new concept that provides integrated, consistent solutions that are modular and tailored to microservices and yet connect the gaps of digital experience. This is a unified and seamless approach that eliminates siloed user experiences and all-in-one solutions." Rierino Launches Intelligent Commerce Platform to ‘Grow on’ Online Retailers "The low-code headless solution aims to disrupt the commerce tech space with hyper-flexible modules geared towards infinite scale" BetterCommerce Partners with LAB Group to Deliver Headless Commerce to Ambitious Retailers "BetterCommerce, an API first headless and composable ecommerce platform, has announced a strategic partnership with LAB Group, a leading digital agency with multi-disciplinary expertise."

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