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Gartner: Composable is Coming 🔗

Gartner gave legitimacy to the term 'composable DXP' back in 2020.

Composability is among the top trends identified by Gartner for 2022, with cloud-nativity, distribution, and "total experience" making up the rest. This is unsurprising when you consider that Gartner gave legitimacy to the term 'composable DXP' back in 2020.

"We believe that by 2024, 70% of large and medium-sized organizations will have composability as a key [criterion] for new application planning," said Jason Wong, Distinguished VP Analyst.

Elsewhere,  DXP Report speaks exclusively to Vendure, micro frontends are becoming a thing, and Swell raises $20m to develop "more adaptable" headless commerce infrastructure.

Gartner is backing the composable DXP movement, and the composable movement as a whole.

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Swell Raises $20m to Develop Headless Commerce Infrastructure "The key is getting started quickly, which Shopify is awesome at, but you realize you are stuck when you try to do more than the basic model." Exclusive: Vendure's Quest to Lower the Barrier-to-entry for Headless Commerce "I've designed Vendure to bring unparalleled developer productivity & flexibility to the backend. From unicorn startups to fortune 500 enterprises, Vendure is rapidly gaining traction." How to Strike the Right Balance in Your Choice of DXP To build a coherent and unified experience across all customer journeys, you need a digital experience platform. But what kind? One of Gartner’s DXP “leaders” or a self-built solution? Hospitality DXP Flipdish Becomes a Unicorn Flipdish, offering an online ordering and digital experience platform for hospitality, has just closed €87 million from Tencent, making the company a Unicorn.


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