APR 5, 20223 MIN READ

DXP Report Launches Podcast

Excuse our tardiness this week, but we have great news. Our podcast is finally here!

As we mentioned when we re-launched DXP Report in November 2021, our objective here at DXP Report is to build a conversation hub for the headless CMS, headless commerce, and DXP industry. Fireside with DXP Report is an extension of that conversation hub. giving listeners the chance to listen in on casual conversations about the DXP space.

Elsewhere, Relationshop improves its DXP offering,  Magnolia expands into Indonesia, and Agility CMS adds to its collaboration features.

We're excited to bring DXP-related conversations to you in a casual, yet informative way.


Magnolia Enters Indonesian Market Magnolia CMS has opened a Jakarta office and launched an Indonesian website. Don Lee, managing director, APAC at Magnolia, said that setting up operations in Indonesia was part of its plans to offer “highly localised resources and consultancy, the Magnolia way”. Relationshop Bolsters DXP Offering Relationshop, a provider of digital customer engagement solutions, announced today the launch of Personalized Promotions within its Digital Experience Platform. Agility CMS Unveils Collaboration and UI Updates "We want to continually streamline what the user sees in terms of actions and options so that they can more easily focus on what they’re trying to get done." Why are Legacy Platforms So Expensive? "This may be a hard truth to face, so we’ll give it to you straight: Legacy platforms like Salesforce, SAP and Oracle are costing you money in sales, time and resources."

Serious Jamstack.

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Things that caught our eye

  1. [Event] How CrafterCMS Powers OTT Video Experiences: See how Canadian broadcaster CPAC leverages CrafterCMS.
  2. **Explaining composability through Apple's Mac computers: **Consulting firm Konabos answers the same questions, in a slightly different way.  
  3. [Event] Modern commerce: MACH, Jamstack, and the Composable Web: Netlify and commercetools team up for this one.  
  4. Evergreen content models: Joel Varty, CTO of Agility CMS, talks content modeling.
  5. Fast is shutting down: The headless checkout solution is about to shut up shop.

The word on the street...

  1. [Reddit] Why did you choose your Headless CMS: See what headless CMS users say about their buying decisions.  
  2. [Reddit] Can't choose a headless CMS...: Help this confused Redditor select a headless CMS, won't you?
  3. [LinkedIn] MACH Alliance announces new ambassador: Andreas Westendörpf Chief Technology Officer at Emma, joins the alliance.
  4. **[Twiter] Jamstack friend, anyone?: **Storyblok Developer Adcovate and Technical Writer Fortune Ikechi is looking to connect with other Jamstackers and headless CMS enthusiasts.

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading.
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