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#56 | DXP Report Re-launches, Speaks Exclusively to Netlify

This is no ordinary edition of the DXP Report.

This is no ordinary edition of the DXP Report.

We’ve officially re-launched DXP Report with a new website design to host thought pieces, exclusive news coverage, and (pretty soon), podcast episodes.

Last week, we spoke exclusively to Netlify Co-founder Chris Bach and VP of Developer Experience Jason Lengstorf. Following their $105M Series D, we asked if Netlify was now focused on targeting enterprise customers rather than grassroots developers.

Elsewhere, Storyblok V2 Early Preview was announced, Commercetools acquired Frontastic, our Founder Kaya Ismail published “The DXP Industry is a Maze of Glass-walled Echo Chambers”.

Netlify seems to be making a play for the enterprise market. But what does that mean for the company's doting web developer community?


The DXP Industry is a Maze of Glass-walled Echo Chambers Despite being a necessary evil, vendors have to constantly balance between addressing each buzzword (how else are you supposed to get organic Google traffic?) while simultaneously explaining whatever it is that makes their product unique. commercetools Acquires the Composable Frontend Platform Frontastic After raising $1.5 million in the early-stage investment round, Vue Storefront has just closed $17,4 million in Series A funding led by Creandum followed by Earlybird Venture Capital and Paua Ventures. DXP Report, One Year On: What’s New and What’s Next? One year after launching DXP Report, we’re making some changes. To date, we’ve attracted hundreds of subscribers from the largest players in the DXP space. Our next mission is to become the industry’s leading conversation hub. Storyblok V2 Early Preview is Here Starting from today, Storyblok V2 Early Preview will be available to all Storyblok users. After seeing the feedback from the community, Storyblok is now offering the V2 Early Preview to everyone with a Storyblok account.

Digital Transformation Workshop: How To Maximize ROI from Your DXP

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Things that caught our eye

  1. ******Black Friday at scale with Contentful: ******Watch this webinar to learn how Contentful keeps hundreds of ecommerce sites running without a hitch during Black Friday.
  2. ******Sanity now available on Shopify: ******Sanity Connect, available on the Shopify app store, helps onboard new merchants to the platform.
  3. ******CloudCannon improves its UI: ******After spending the year becoming Jamstack-ready, CloudCannon takes a look at its UI and improves it.
  4. ******GraphQL vs. REST APIs: ******GraphQL is a specification, a query language, while REST is an architectural concept for network-based software.
  5. ******Engaging online shopping experiences with video: ******73% of those surveyed are more likely to buy a product if they watch a branded video that explains the product.
  6. Impact of the headless CMS on digital agencies: Two-thirds of agencies use headless CMS, with 48% seeing an increase in client projects that benefited from headless CMS in 2020.

The word on the street...

  1. **[Twitter] Kaya Ismail explains the DXP Report re-launch: **After 54 editions of DXP Report, Kaya tells us more of his plans.
  2. [LinkedIn] What do you love about your CMS and what do you hate? Join the conversation and spill the tea about your CMS.
  3. **[YouTube] Build the best blog app with React: **Blog App is a GraphQL blog application that enables you or your clients to manage the blog from a CMS.
  4. **[ProductHunt] Stepsize: **Editor-first issue tracker for a healthy codebase
  5. **[Youtube] What is headless eCommerce? **Learn the differences between headless eCommerce and the older traditional monolith.

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading.
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