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#60 | The DXP Industry's "Massive Growth"

The DXP industry is just getting started.

According to a new report published by A2Z Market Research, "the global Digital Experience Platform Market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR of 12% by 2028."

In other news, Bolt eyes a $14Bn valuation, Agility CMS has partnered with Netlify, and Optimizely is launching an integrated version of its B2B Commerce Cloud and Content Cloud products.

“A growing preference for organizations to provide integrated, personalized and optimized user experiences and engagements across numerous marketing channels is expected to drive market growth."


Optimizely Launches Integrated B2B Commerce & Content Cloud Solution "The integration allows these two industry-leading products to be easily implemented together, enabling brands to reach audiences with more sophisticated content strategies and work more effectively across large teams of marketers." Agility CMS Partners with Netlify “Netlify’s superb balance between its grassroots community and its enterprise-grade features is very much aligned with our philosophy,” said Agility CTO Joel Varty. Bolt Eyes $14Bn Valuation At the start of 2021, Bolt had 4 million registered shoppers, according to a source. Founder Ryan Breslow told The Information that he anticipates that number will grow to at least 50 million by the end of 2022. Chord Commerce Launched "A commerce-as-a-service software for fast-growing D2C brands, offering a flexible (headless) tech stack for commerce companies that is equipped with sophisticated data insights for optimal customer experiences."

Jamstack vs. WebEngine

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Jamstack was built by developers, for developers. It's a great way for devs to get their hands dirty with the latest and greatest frameworks.

But is the Jamstack a good fit for enterprise companies, or is it only ideal for the developers they employ?


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Things that caught our eye

  1. **Headless React Hooks: **Hooks for "building and designing powerful components while retaining 100% control over markup and styles".
  2. **Ranosys launches Osprey: **A headless eCommerce accelerator built on commercetools.
  3. How to Build a Jamstack Shop: With Strapi, Nuxt, and SnipCart.
  4. **Picking up Svelte: **"My dissatisfaction with Gatsby has left me looking for alternatives..."
  5. How to Choose the Best DXP: With so many Digital Experience Platforms to choose from, it is hard for organizations to know where to start.

The word on the street...

  1. [LinkedIn] Coredna Hunting for a Lead Frontend Developer: The company's Founder Sam Saltis shared the message.  
  2. **[LinkedIn] ****How Headless Commerce Drives Digital Transformation: **An insightful live event that you can re-watch here.
  3. **[YouTube] Jamstack Radio: **Elevating Headless CMS with Storyblok.

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