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dotCMS Launches Interactive Roadmap

Roadmaps typically offer a pretty bland experience. You click, you read, you leave.

Roadmaps typically offer a pretty bland experience. You click, you read, you leave.

dotCMS customers, on the other hand, have a new, interactive roadmap to play with. As of today, you can submit new ideas to the dotCMS team, vote on the importance of new features, and check out what’s under consideration.

According to dotCMS, their top three goals for the roadmap portal are to:

  1. “Welcome product feedback and ideas from both customers and the greater CMS community and use this feedback to help shape and prioritize dotCMS product development.
  2. Inform customers, prospective customers, users, and fans of the latest exciting news in dotCMS product and feature development.
  3. Promote Transparency of the current and future dotCMS product development roadmap. As a part of the open-source community, we welcome the responsibility to reveal insight into our short-term and long-term development efforts.”

Elsewhere, Core dna appoints a new CEO, developers on Reddit spill the beans about what they’re using to build websites, and LEGO goes headless.

A more engaging way for customers and users to help continuously improve dotCMS.


Core dna Appoints New CEO to Continue Global Growth of Its CMS and E-Commerce Solution "This is an exciting time to be in the website, content management (CMS), and ecommerce space given all that has happened over the last several years. I believe Core dna's technology is uniquely positioned to help companies meet the demands of customers' requirements when it comes to scaling their digital strategies." commercetools Composable Commerce for B2B Powers New Opportunities for Revenue Growth and Flexibility “To achieve longevity, businesses must be technologically agile enough to meet current and prospective customers wherever they may be, delivering a cohesive narrative experience across touchpoints. For example, over 80% of B2B buyers now prefer to order or pay through digital commerce,” said Mike Sharp, commercetools Chief Product Officer. Personalization at the Edge with Vercel and "Looking to deliver dynamic, personalized content without sacrificing end-user performance? Watch Vercel and to see how personalization with Vercel Edge Middleware and can build scalable headless websites, optimize digital experiences, and accelerate development cycles." Right-Sizing Your DXP: 4 Capabilities to Evaluate "One of the most essential components of a DXP is the ability to build on the content delivery capabilities offered by a traditional CMS. This enables businesses to push out continuously fresh content across a wide variety of channels, such as websites, email, mobile apps and social media, as well as emerging channels such as smart devices, augmented reality and virtual reality."

Fireside with DXP Report: Vojtech Boril of

Fireside with DXP Report #11 | Vojtech Boril, from

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