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Do Monoliths Still Trump DXPs?

"The “monoliths” are still very much a part of the DXP market landscape, according to Gartner’s new DXP Magic Quadrant published in February."

"Composable may be the talk of DXPs, but it’s not leading the way on the ground. Most DXPs remain monolithic software (owned by a single platform) and not Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) at their core, according to Gartner," argues Dom Nicastro of CMSWire.com.

That's true, from a numbers perspective.

But after Sitecore's DXP announcement last week, even the monoliths are certain that the future is a SaaS and microservice-based digital experience platform.

Elsewhere in the space, Agility CMS announced a successful start to 2022, Contentrain entered public beta, and Storyblok's VP of Marketing Thomas Peham joined us on another podcast episode of Fireside with DXP Report.

"The “monoliths” are still very much a part of the DXP market landscape, according to Gartner’s new DXP Magic Quadrant published in February."


Fireside with DXP Report #3 Storyblok's Thomas Peham and DXP Report Founder Kaya Ismail talk coffee, MACH Alliance, and Storyblok's expansion plans for 2022. Kick back and listen in. Agility CMS' Impressive Q1 2022 "Since the turn of 2021, the number of enterprise companies using Agility CMS has nearly doubled across several industries, including health care, energy, and manufacturing." Contentrain Enters Public Beta "Contentrain is free Git-based Headless CMS that was created for the developer and content editor experience first." Why are Legacy Platforms So Expensive? "This may be a hard truth to face, so we’ll give it to you straight: Legacy platforms like Salesforce, SAP and Oracle are costing you money in sales, time and resources."

Serious Jamstack.

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Things that caught our eye

  1. A Jamstack education portal: This new, cool, and aptly named portal is called Jamstack.training.
  2. **Will Strapi dominate the headless CMS space?: **A relatively balanced article when you factor in the title!  
  3. Agility CMS integrates with Salesforce: Yet another integration in the bag for Agility CMS.
  4. **StoreHippo identified as a headless commerce "trailblazer": **According to a new Everest Group report.
  5. **Should you use a "lesser-known" headless CMS?: **This articles argues that you should.

The word on the street...

  1. **[LinkedIn] ShopStory Founder celebrates first payment: **This one is just kind of wholesome, to be honest.
  2. **[Reddit] There are too many headless CMS options!: **How should this Redditor evaluate the market?
  3. **[Reddit] Best headless CMS for complex data?: **Strapi, Prismic, and KeystoneJS have all been mentioned so far.
  4. [Reddit] **WordPress as a headless CMS: **A Redditor asks the community how they approach hosting.

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading.
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