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Bloomreach Raises $175M 🚀

In just one year, Bloomreach has more than doubled its valuation. Their latest round of funding, totaling a cool $175M, was led by Goldman Sachs, with participation from existing Bloomreach investors Bain Capital Ventures and Sixth Street Growth.

The company's ongoing focus? Personalization. A concept that has seen far too much talk over the years (read: decades), and not enough walk, if you're asking us.

In other news, headless commerce vendor Fabric raised $140M, Contentstack now runs on Azure as well as AWS, and Brightspot's Axel Tarnvik discusses APIs as a "revolution for the CMS space".

“Personalization is a 20-year-old technology, but so much on the web is still generic — that has to change,” Bloomreach Co-founder and CEO Raj De Datta told TechCrunch.

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More news

Fabric raises $140M Series C “Fabric is going after bigger brands that are running their online commerce via mega, monolithic legacy software that CEO Faisal Masud said “anchors them into draconian platforms.” Contentstack now runs on Microsoft Azure “Azure is continuing to grow market share and businesses are increasingly looking for CMS solutions that run on the platform,” said Nishant Patel, chief technology officer for Contentstack. Go API-first or Go Home "With so many CMS options today, smart buyers are choosing the platforms that have powerful integration features and flexibility built in so users can publish to different channels in any content form they need," wrote Axel Tarnvik, Principal Software Engineer at Brightspot. Gartner DXP Magic Quadrant Gartner has once again listed out the biggest names in the DXP space, but this time in slightly different positions on a grid. This report comes courtesy of Magnolia CMS.

The Definitive Guide to Personalization

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How can brands deliver unique and personalized experiences to customers? This detailed guide from Ninetailed sheds light on the topic.


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The word on the street

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