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AWS Joins MACH Alliance ☁️

Amazon Web Services has joined the MACH Alliance just weeks after the introduction of the Alliance's 'Enabler' membership category.

Amazon Web Services has joined the MACH Alliance just weeks after the introduction of the Alliance's 'Enabler' membership category.

"Since the launch of AWS, we have espoused the importance of employing a modern architecture for retailers," said David Dorf, Global Head of Retail Industry Solutions at AWS. "This includes the use of microservices, APIs, and a built-for-the-cloud design. Having been at the very forefront of this movement, we at AWS are proud to join the MACH Alliance to advocate for MACH as an industry standard to deliver the best digital experiences for makers and users."

This is big news for the MACH Alliance, but bigger news for MACH architecture as a technological trend.

In other news, Swell spoke exclusively to DXP Report about its $20M Series A, PWC published headless commerce guidance,  and Contentstack's CEO Neha Sampat identified the "common enemy" of MACH vendors.

Amazon has given its stamp of approval to the MACH Alliance, and the MACH movement as a whole.

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Exclusive: Swell's $20m Headless Commerce Strategy “We will start to shift more focus on non-technical people moving forward," Co-founder Joshua Voydik told DXP Report. PWC: Leveraging headless commerce "By deploying headless commerce, organizations can increase engagement with their customers by creating new sales channels without having to worry about scalability issues." Kibo Expands Headless eCommerce Offerings With Storefront Accelerators Kibo has announced the release of three new Storefront Accelerators for developers who use Vue Storefront, React Storefront or Next.js Commerce. The Business Case for MACH Architecture "Digital leaders should and do want to take advantage of the innovation that resides outside of the monolithic, single-vendor suites."

Report: State of the Headless CMS Market 2021

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Things that caught our eye

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  2. **Niche Player Alert – Crystallize: **Headless commerce for "product storytellers".
  3. **Niche Player Alert – Truthy: **Open-source headless CMS built on NestJS.
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The word on the street...

  1. ******[Twitter] ****Gatsby: You have one month to implement a headless CMS: **What's your next move?
  2. **[LinkedIn] The MACH battle cry of Contentstack's CEO : **Neha Sampat took to social media to identify the "common enemy" of MACH vendors.
  3. [Reddit] What's the future of Web CMS?: Not everyone agreed that decoupled was the way to go.

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