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Aprimo Launches DAM-centric DXP

The content management system is the de facto foundation of modern Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). However, DAM vendor Aprimo has decided that a DAM-centric DXP is precisely what the market is missing.

In other news, DXP vendor Piano acquired SocialFlow, CrafterCMS' marketplace gets chatbots, and Brightspot publishes "How an API-first CMS Gives you Ultimate Flexibility" on DXPReport.com.

Aprimo DAM serves as the heart of the DXP where all content is stored and accessed. Incorporating WordPress VIP in the stack ensures that users can easily and seamlessly create and manage content and landing pages from approved on-brand assets available in the DAM.

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More news

Piano Acquires SocialFlow to Connect Social Media Strategies to Customer Journey Orchestration “Our goal at Piano is to help organizations bring data together, make it available in real time and leverage it effectively to fuel both analysis and targeting,” said Trevor Kaufman, CEO, Piano. New Chatbot Plugins Added to CrafterCMS Marketplace “Our Marketplace makes it possible to assemble new digital experiences of all kinds quicker and easier than ever before, in most cases with no coding at all,” said Russ Danner, VP of Products at CrafterCMS. How an API-first CMS Gives You Ultimate Flexibility "A platform that enables API-first implementations helps automate processes that were once tedious, minimizing time spent on implementing integrations with new tools and curtailing the likelihood of having to rethink existing architectures," wrote Axel Tarnvik, Principal Software Engineer at Brightspot. Strapi Market Launched “Companies choose Strapi to future-proof their applications and to stay innovative and agile,” said Pierre Burgy, co-founder and CEO, Strapi. “With our marketplace, we can unlock a tremendous amount of value for the whole Strapi ecosystem while providing outstanding feature coverage that matches a broad range of use cases and industries.”

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Feb 28 Jamstack_Berlin Meetup #19 The Jamstack is not about specific technologies. It’s a new way of building websites and apps that deliver better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and better developer experience. I'll attend Feb 15-16 Brightspot User Conference 2022 Join Brightspot for a two-day virtual event where they'll share the knowledge you need to create the next generation of your digital experiences in 2022. I'll attend

Things that caught our eye

  1. **Hullabalook raises $8.2m Series A: **The London-based vendor wants to "transform the eCommerce user experience".
  2. **Agility CMS appoints Bob Cellucci as COO: **"Adding Bob to our leadership team will aid us in providing additional value for our growing enterprise customer base,” said Agility CMS CEO Jon Voigt.
  3. **Fabric appoints former Amazon leader Stacy Seal as COO: **The headless space continues to attract Amazon's finest.
  4. **HeadlessCommercePlatforms.com: **A small but growing resource for those looking for lightweight headless commerce platforms.

The word on the street

  1. **[LinkedIn] Thomas Mulreid, Head of Sales at Myplanet, explains headless commerce benefits to business users: **"When positioning headless commerce, it’s loved by technology teams but the business users struggle to see the value."
  2. ******[Reddit] ****Headless commerce recommendations for a C#/React shop: **Which platform would you recommend?
  3. **[Reddit] This person wants a "simple CMS": **Got any CMS recommendations?
  4. **[Reddit] How can devs get out of WordPress land?: **Redditors drop their career progression tips.
  5. [Reddit] Is WordPress becoming a headless CMS?: "I feel as though the future of WordPress, particularly now we've got 5.9 is a focus on a headless CMS interacting with a JS front end."

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