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A Conversation About MACH 💬

If you're struggling to present the benefits of MACH architecture to your colleagues and stakeholders, we've got great news.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 14th at 7:30 am PST, our Founder Kaya Ismail will join Marcelo Lewin, Founder of Headless Creator, for a live conversation about MACH. The discussion will be focused on breaking down the definition and benefits of MACH.

In other news, Cosmic invites users to try their new dashboard Alpha, Commerce.js unveils open integrations, and Wordify's Head of Content Andres Phillips implores headless CMS vendors to reconsider their documentation strategy.

Learn about Microservices, APIs, Cloud Native, and Headless technologies. We'll also touch upon why it's important for content creators to fully understand MACH before committing to this architecture.

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Headless CMS Vendors: Marketers Need Documentation, Too Are headless CMS vendors giving marketers and content authors the attention they need? Content Teams: Beware the Headless CMS In a sprint to become uber-nimble and ultra-flexible, are we de-prioritizing the author's importance and experience with our (supposed) headless digital experience platforms (DXPs)? Cosmic Announces Private Alpha for New Dashboard Cosmic, the headless CMS, has a shiny new dashboard. Take it for a test drive before it goes live. Commerce.js Unveils Open Integrations for eCommerce Traditional eCommerce integrations are rigidly pre-defined, which inherently limits functionality and interoperability. Commerce.js wants to change that.


The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Personalization [in 2022]

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Read about everything you need to know about personalization. What personalization is and isn't, personalization types, personalization and privacy paradox, the future of personalization, and of course, how to get started.


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Dec 16 From Touchpoints to Trustpoints Discover how to cultivate trust through compliant cross-channel engagement and personalization. I'll attend Dec 14 An Intro to Headless Personalization Headless Creator and Nintailed are set to present the basics of personalizing content in headless scenarios. I'll attend

Things that caught our eye

  1. **Stories From the Blok #4: **Join Storyblok CEO Dominik Angerer and Co to listen in on the discussion, "From Monolith to Headless".
  2. **Towards Composable Content Management: **Read Janus Boye's insightful take on composable content management in 2022.
  3. **Jamsfy Shortlisted: **The company bringing Jamstack to India has been shortlisted as a YourStory Tech50 2021 startup.
  4. How Much CO2 Does a Software Update Produce?: Gerry McGovern explains.
  5. Building Kentico: Kentico CEO Petr Palas discusses growing up in the Czech Republic, his passion for technology, how he started Kentico on the Koaverse podcast.

The word on the street...

  1. ******[LinkedIn] ****Which Headless CMS is Best for SEO?: **This SEO specialist is looking for answers.
  2. ******[Reddit] What's Your Jamstack?: ******Go share your stack.
  3. **[Reddit] Best Headless CMS For a Small Project?: **Sanity, Prismic, and Strapi have been suggested, so far.
  4. [LinkedIn] GitHub as a Headless CMS? The GitHub community seems to like the idea.

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading.
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